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E-Learning / Distance Learning 

Due to the unprecedented challenges of Covid-19, it is crucial that communication to families is accurate, appropriate, and reflects the updated policies and procedures for individual programs.  The health and safety of the children in our community is our number one priority. We have all been experiencing a new way of life as a result of COVID 19. 

Now, that some parts of our lives are making their way back to a new “normal” we want you to be prepared for some of the changes that you and your child(ren) will experience when you return.  To make sure this illness does not continue to spread, we intend to take all reasonable precautions.  As part of our precautionary measures, please follow the changes set forth below: 

***** We Will only do learning Monday through Thursday unless students have a virtual meeting with their teacher. If your child has a virtual meeting with a teacher, it will be your responsibility as a parent to let us know what time.

***** If your child has missed a day from the daycare it will be the responsibility of the parent and child to do their work for that day. We will not be responsible for any missed work.

***** Any incomplete work for any given day will have to be done at home with the parent.  We will not be able to work on it the next day. We will only work on the class work assigned for that day.  All missed assignments must be completed by Monday. We will not be able to go back on the assignments.

***** All children are required to bring with them a face mask, pencil, pencil sharpener, a notebook (for working out problems or taking notes), and ear phones if they don't have some already. The younger children might do better with earphones (the ones that fit across top of head) instead of the ones that go in the ears.

***** Please provide us with a detailed schedule of what areas your child(ren) need to be working in on the computer and how long on each program. (for example: if your child needs to be doing I-ready, Odessy, and class assignments, it needs to be stated on a schedule or a note from parent and also how long each day.

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